Wisdom House is an opportunity for women, married or single, to discover ways they can partner with the Lord to become spiritual life givers.  Befriending, encouraging and nurturing even one person helps us fill our calling as life givers.  Wisdom House is a nine week class that will Wisdom Househelp you discover ways that you can give life socially, intellectually, artistically and spiritually.

When in session, classes meet in a home on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Online registration is required and the cost for participation is $25.00 (Fee covers notebook, inserts, craft materials, food, and book, On Being a Servant of God, by Warren Wiersbe)

Teacher:  Mary Daum

Weekly sessions:

Building A Wisdom House ♦ Celebrating Life (birthdays, weddings, births) ♦ Serving Our Community ♦ Mothers/Daughters; Fathers/Sons ♦ Hosting A Blessing Tea ♦ Making An International Friend ♦ Encouraging the Family of God (orphan connection) ♦ Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) ♦ Little Dresses for Africa

For more information, contact Mary Daum at 919-896-6977 or rdaum1@nc.rr.com.