All In – The Theology of Orphan Care and Adoption

6 Weeks
Next Course TBA

All In is a topical study on the theology of orphan care and the church’s response to the needs of orphans.

God loves the orphan. He’s instructed the church to care for orphans. Therefore, the Church is the answer to the orphan care crisis in our world. Solutions must include connecting people and equipping them biblically. Cooperation in the context of biblical truth are essential if God’s people are going to care for children and strengthen families.

This seminar will equip you to understand the church’s role in orphan care and challenge you to get involved personally. The six lessons will cover:

  • What Is Orphan Care? Exploring God’s heart for the orphan and our mandate to care for them.
  • The Theology of Adoption. Discovering how the imagery of adoption in Scripture paints a vivid picture of our redemption in Jesus.
  • How Orphan Care Displays the Gospel. Uncovering three unique, tangible ways our care of orphans reflects God’s care of us in Jesus.
  • The Other Side of Orphan Care. Pursuing the goal of permanence through both prevention and adoption efforts.
  • Making Orphan Care Small. Embracing the call not to change the world for all orphans, but to change the world of at least one.
  • Identifying Your Role. Understanding that not everyone is called to do the same thing but everyone is called to do something.