The Promised Land – Gospel Project Volume 3


I’m sure you can think of many ways that God has led you and provided for your needs. But in spite of God’s provision, do you ever find that your faith in His goodness toward you falters? Do you ever think and act as if the ultimate provision for you and your family depends on you? Have you ever had a sense of God’s direction for your life but you were fearful to obey Him? Do you wonder if your unfaithfulness has caused you to miss out on something good that God has for you? Are you ever slow to respond to God’s rebuke and judgment of your sin? These are common struggles for all men.

Even though we have a tendency to erect idols in our hearts, usually the idol of self, God is continually faithful to us. He may bring us through periods of judgment, but it’s always for our good, and is always designed to help us learn to obey Him fully.

The ancient Israelites struggled with disobedience, idolatry, fear and a lack of faith in God. In this series, we’re going to look at their experience related to claiming their inheritance – the promised land. As we do, we’ll see glimpses of ourselves in their actions and attitudes. God is going to challenge and encourage us from His Word as we study God’s faithfulness, judgment, and rescue of His people during the time of the conquest of the promised land.


  • 12 weeks, beginning August 10
  • 6:30AM / Parlor / Colonial Baptist Church
  • Study Guide: $10 / Breakfast: Donations

Course schedule and resources:

God The Savior (Numbers, Joshua)

August 10
When Faith Fails
August 17
The Bronze Serpent
August 24
The God Who Goes Before
August 31
The God Of Unusual Victories
September 7
Tainted By Sin
September 14
In Light Of God’s Salvation

God The Judge (Judges, Ruth, 1Samuel)

 September 21 The Judges Cycle
September 28 Deborah, God’s Woman of Wisdom
October 5 God Makes A Mighty Warrior
October 12 When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance
October 26 A Glimpse Of God’s Love
November 2 When God Speaks