Serpent and Dove Roundtable

The Serpent and Dove Roundtable is a monthly gathering of career professionals who desire to honor God in the workplace. Maintaining a Biblical worldview while aspiring in your career can be challenging. There are office politics, hidden agendas, promotions, attribution issues, networking, PowerPoint presentations, advanced education decisions, bosses, executives, and fellow employees – all requiring you to engage with and manage. However, there are proven techniques and approaches to handling all these dynamics in ways that are consistent with a God honoring career.

SDR meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7PM.

Directions: The Serpent and Dove Roundtable meets in a second floor room, directly above the entrance marked on this map:

Come and join an informal round-table discussion with Dr. Tom Bradicich and Jim Kniffen who each have many years of successful secular career experience. For information on Jim and Tom, see:

Jim Kniffen, CFP
Dr. Tom Bradicich

Jim and Tom are committed to sharing proven techniques and approaches to maximizing your career for the glory of God and maintaining a strong witness for Jesus Christ. They will answer any and all your questions, as well as offer their insights.

This Serpent and Dove Roundtable discussion is open to all ages and those in any phase of their career. For more information email or