Prison Epistles Lesson 9

Living It Out: Unity of the Church / November 10 & 12

Ephesians 4:1-16

Key Truth: God calls believers to live in unity, and our unity is expressed as we strengthen each other toward maturity in Christ.

  1. God calls believers to live in unity.
    1. Living in unity is one way that we can walk worthy of our calling.
    2. Living in unity reflects our theological unity.
  2. Our unity is reflected in a commitment to build each other up.
    1. Each of us has been given God’s grace.
      1. God’s grace was given to each of us.
      2. God’s grace was a fulfillment of God’s promise in Christ Jesus.
    2. God grace to us is manifested in the gifts He gives us.
    3. Using our gifts to build each other up is how the church becomes strong.