Prison Epistles Lesson 27

Put on Christ!

KEY TRUTH: Putting on Christ requires that we take on a Christ-like nature and allow Him to rule in our hearts and minds. Everything we do should be a Christ honoring offering of thanksgiving to God.

  1. Our ability to put on Christ is grounded in our salvation.
  2. Putting on Christ means reflecting his nature.
    1. Put on compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience
    2. Put on forgiveness
    3. Above all these put on love
  3. Putting on Christ is a lifelong commitment.
    1. Let the peace of Christ (continually) rule in your hearts
    2. Let the word of Christ (continually) dwell in you richly
  4. Do everything to the glory of Christ with thanksgiving to God


  • In what way does our salvation empower us to reflect Christ’s nature, even in the midst of strife and disappointment?
  • According to verses 15-16, what are two ways that we worship God together as the body of Christ?
  • According to verse 16, what does it look like for the body of Christ to be “under the influence” of the word of Christ? What activities should be happening between and among the members of the body?
  • Personal question: Do you have any broken or strained relationships within the church that need mending? How does this passage guide you in seeking restoration and harmony? How could you best glorify God even in the midst of this conflict?