Prison Epistles Lesson 11

Living It Out: Imitators of God

KEY TRUTH: Imitators of God live out love, live in light and excel in wisdom.

Ephesians 5:1-21


  1. Imitators of God live out love.
    1. Practice a forgiving love.
    2. Practice a giving love.
    3. Practice a living love.
  2. Imitators of God live in the light.
    1. Living in the light leaves no room for any hint of wickedness.
      1. Believers have no hint of sexual immorality.
      2. Believers have no hint of impurity.
      3. Believers have no hint of greed.
      4. Believers have no hint of obscenity.
      5. Believers have no hint of foolish talk.
      6. Believers have no hint of coarse joking.
    2. Living in the light means doing what is good, right and true.
      1. Discern what is pleasing to the Lord.
      2. Expose what is displeasing to the Lord.
  3. Imitators of God excel in wisdom.
    1. Living wisely means being intentional and careful with time.
    2. Living wisely means choosing God’s will over foolishness.
    3. Living wisely means choosing the Spirit over the flesh.


  • Guard yourself from sexual sin.
  • Guard your tongue.
  • Leave the light on in your life.
  • Live life with the Spirit.


  • In addition to what was mentioned, what are some aspects of God’s love that we as Christian men should imitate? In what ways does God so love to you that you find particularly difficult to imitate?
  • What ideas do you have for applying the command to expose the unfruitful works of darkness? How can a Christian man who is seeking to live in the light obey this command in our society?
  • How are you doing in living wisely? What ideas do you have for Christian men to make wise use of their time? Where do you struggle with knowing or following the wisdom of God’s will?