Prison Epistles Lesson 10

Living It Out: Newness of Life

Ephesians 4:17-32

KEY TRUTH: God calls you to a brand new life which begins with a renewal of your mind and moves toward a change in your behavior.

  1. Your NEW LIFE requires seeing the world as God sees it.
    1. Unbelievers are alienated from Christ are are unable to have the mind of Christ.
    2. Unbelievers have hardened hearts and are unable to have the life of Christ.
    3. Unbelievers live out the condition of their heart.
  2. Your NEW LIFE features Christ as the turning point.
    1. Believers are schooled in the ways of Jesus.
    2. Believers are changed by the power of Jesus.
  3. Your NEW LIFE involves a change in your behavior.
    1. Replace lying with honesty.
    2. Forsake anger.
    3. Replace stealing with hard work.
    4. Replace unwholesome talk with edification.
    5. Replace bitterness, wrath and anger with love.


  • Learn to think biblically.
  • Re-enroll in the school of Christ.
  • Live out your new life.


  • How might Paul’s teaching concerning the moral and intellectual depravity of the lost man (Ephesians 4:17-19) enable us to better evangelize?  In other words, what do we learn about our lost friends, family members and acquaintances that might help us better communicate the gospel to them?
  • Sin has a “domino effect” where one sin leads to another. From Ephesians 4:19, what is the starting point for this downward spiral? What are some practical ideas for preventing the downward spiral of sin?
  • What does it mean practically to lay aside the old self? How does this happen? What might it look like? How frequently does it occur?
  • What does it mean practically to put on the new self? How often should this happen? How does it happen?