The Story Begins

the_story_begins_sqThe Story Begins – A Bible Study for Men

This study is offered twice per week:

  • Monday @ 7:00PM (Student Center) OR
  • Wednesday @ 6:30AM (Parlor)

Course schedule and resources:

God The Creator

September 14 & 16
In the Beginning, God / Scott Wylie
September 21 & 23
In God’s Image / Scott Wylie
September 28 & 30
Human Rebellion / Paul Funchess
October 5 & 7
The Spread of Sin / Steve Shelton
October 12 & 17
The Creator Destroys and Redeems / Matt Belanger
October 26 & 28
The Creator Slows the Spread of Evil / Scott Wylie

God The Covenant-Maker

November 2 & 4 
God’s Covenant with Abraham / Scott Wylie
November 9 & 11
The Covenant-Making God Tests Abraham / Rich Main
November 16 & 18
God Reaffirms the Covenant / Scott Wylie

November 23 & 25
God’s Dysfunctional Covenant Family / Woody Woodruff
Nov 30 & Dec 2
The God Who Gives New Names / Scott Wylie
December 7 & 9
The God Whose Plan Involves Pain / Tom Barker
December 14 & 16
God Is Faithful To His Covenant / Scott Wylie

the_story_begins_sqMen, our culture is adrift. It’s thrown off much of it’s moral restraint. It calls evil “good” and good “evil.” God and the Christian faith are considered irrelevant and antiquated. Our culture is increasingly hostile toward those who dare to stand with God. Men who stand for truth are contrasting lights in the darkness.

With all the pressure on us to conform to the world, we must continually reinforce the foundational truths that support our faith. We need a clear picture of the character, nature and attributes of God. We need to understand the true condition of the human heart. We need to remember where we came from and where we’re going. The foundation of all this is found in Genesis.

“In the beginning, God…” As the Bible begins the story that we still see playing out before our eyes, we’re confronted with one singular truth – God is before all things. This triune God creates. He created a universe, a world and creatures to fill it. He created us in his image to rule over it. But a choice by our first parents plunged this good creation into the devastation of sin and the consequences we see lived out every day. We’ve inherited hearts of rebellion against our Creator. God took action to slow the spread of sin, but even more, He promised to save us from our sin through a Son whom we know as Jesus. Jesus came through the family of one man chosen by God to receive his covenant. Though Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants proved unworthy of God’s blessing, God is still faithful to His promises. Join us as we go back to the beginning. Understanding the beginning is the only way we’ll ever make sense of our lives today.