Isaiah: God’s Solution for Man’s Misplaced trust

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isaiah_post3In this great book, Isaiah announces God’s surprising plan of grace and glory for his rebellious people and for the world. God had promised Abraham that through his descendants the world would be blessed. God had promised David that his throne would lead the world into salvation. But by Isaiah’s time, the descendants of Abraham and many members of the dynasty of David no longer trusted the promises of God, aligning themselves instead with the promises—and the fears—of this false world. Judah’s unbelief redirected their future away from blessing and toward judgment. At this historic turning point, Judah moved from independence under God’s power to subservience under pagan powers.

What, then, of God’s ancient promises? Is the gracious purpose of God defeated by Judah’s sin? Isaiah’s answer is that, although God must purify his people through judgment, he has an overruling purpose of grace, beginning with Isaiah himself, spreading to Judah and Israel, and resulting in endless joy. Even the nations of the world are taken into account. Isaiah declares the good news that God will glorify himself through the renewed and increased glory of his people, which will attract the nations. The book of Isaiah is a vision of hope for sinners through the coming Messiah, promising for the “ransomed” people of God a new world where sin and sorrow will be forever forgotten.

For us, Isaiah is a solemn reminder of just how serious our sin and rebellion is. It’s also a glorious reminder that the grace of God penetrates through our rebellion.

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01  9/12/12 Introduction  NOTES Audio
02 9/19/12 Our Need: Awareness Of Our Sin. (ISAIAH 1:2–9)  NOTES Audio
03 9/26/12 Our Need: Awareness Of Hypocritical Worship (ISAIAH 1:10–20)  NOTES Audio
04  10/3/12 Our Need: Awareness Of God’s Redemption (ISAIAH 1:21–31)  NOTES Audio
05  10/10/12 The Transforming Power of Hope and Humility (ISAIAH 2:1–22)  NOTES Audio
06  10/17/12 The Enriching Power of Loss and Gain (ISAIAH 3:1–4:6)  NOTES Audio
07 10/24/12 Receiving the Grace of God in Vain (ISAIAH 5:1–30)  NOTES Audio
08  10/31/12 Isaiah Sees God (ISAIAH 6:1–13)  NOTES Audio
09 11/7/12 God Invites Judah To Trust Him (ISAIAH 7:1–8:8) Audio
10 11/14/12 God’s Zeal Will Accomplish God’s Purpose (ISAIAH 8:9–9:7)  NOTES Audio
11 11/28/12 Misplaced Trust Brings God’s Wrath (ISAIAH 9:8–10:15)  NOTES Audio
12  12/12/12 God Moves History To show His Grace (ISAIAH 10:16–11:16)  NOTES Audio
13  12/19/12 Our Response to the Triumph of Grace (ISAIAH 12:1–6)  NOTES Audio
14 1/9/13 God Is Supreme Over the Nations Part I (ISAIAH 13:1–20:6)  NOTES Audio
15 1/16/13 God Is Supreme Over the Nations Part 2 (ISAIAH 21:1–23:18)  NOTES Audio
16 1/23/13 God Is Supreme Over the Nations Part 3 (ISAIAH 24:1–27:13)  NOTES Audio
17 1/30/13 Our Only Security Is God (ISAIAH 28:1–29)  NOTES Audio
18  2/13/13 God’s Power Comes On God’s Terms (ISAIAH 29:1–24)  NOTES Audio
19 2/20/13 The Counterintuitive Ways of God (ISAIAH 30:1–33)  NOTES Audio
20 2/27/13 Our Only True Hope (ISAIAH 31–32)  NOTES Audio
21 3/6/13 Finding God in Failure (ISAIAH 33)  NOTES Audio
22 3/13/13 The Two Possible Outcomes (ISAIAH 34–35)  NOTES Audio
23 3/20/13 In Whom Do You Now Trust? (ISAIAH 36:1–37:7)  
24 3/27/13 Courage In The Crucible (ISAIAH 37:8–38)  NOTES Audio
25 4/3/13 A Squandered Opportunity (ISAIAH 38:1–39:8)  NOTES Audio
26 4/10/13 God Promises Salvation (ISAIAH 40:1–11)  
27  4/17/13 God Keeps His Promises (ISAIAH 40:12–26)  NOTES Audio
28 4/24/13 Power To Live Above Despondency (ISAIAH 40:27–31)  NOTES Audio
29 5/1/13 The Reality of God (ISAIAH 41:1–20)  
30 5/8/13 Dump Your Idols And Embrace God (ISAIAH 41:21–42:17)  NOTES Audio
31  5/15/13 Reformation – God Realigns Us (ISAIAH 42:18–43:21)  NOTES Audio
32 5/22/13 Revival – God Reinvigorates Us (ISAIAH 43:22–44:23)  NOTES Audio
33 6/5/13 God’s Surprising Strategies (ISAIAH 44:24–45:25)  NOTES Audio
34 6/12/13 False Gods Collapse Their Cultures (ISAIAH 46:1–47:15)  NOTES Audio
35 6/19/13 God’s Makes Promises To Himself (ISAIAH 48:1–22)  NOTES Audio
36 6/26/13 The Servant Of The Lord (ISAIAH 49:1–50:3)  NOTES Audio
37 7/3/13 Don’t Listen To Yourself (ISAIAH 50:4–51:8)  
38 7/10/13 Wake Up, Sleepers! (ISAIAH 51:9–52:12)  NOTES Audio
39 7/17/13 God’s Promises Come True In Christ (ISAIAH 52:13–53:12)  NOTES Audio
40 7/24/13 Savoring The Servant’s Success (ISAIAH 54:1–55:13)  NOTES Audio
41 7/31/13 Revival: Contrition and Responsibility. (ISAIAH 56:1–59:13)  NOTES  
42  8/7/13 Revival: World Renewal, Preaching and Prayer (ISAIAH 59:14–62:7)  NOTES Audio
43 8/14/13 Revival: Wrath of the Lamb and the Descent of God (ISAIAH 62:8–64:12)  NOTES Audio
44 8/21/13 Revival: Eagerness of God and Worship (ISAIAH 65:1-66:24)  NOTES Audio