Immovable: 20 Truths Every Christian Should Know

A Study For Men
Monday Night, 7PM
Beginning January 6, 2014
Colonial Baptist Church

immovable_boxThere are certain matters of doctrine that every Christian man must know; not just for his own benefit, but to enable him to teach and disciple others. Doctrine is important because it shapes how we live. If you are a new believer, this series will help you grow in your faith. If you are a mature believer, this series will help you brush up on your doctrine and disciple the other people in your life. If you are a father, this series will help you disciple your children.

This series will serve as a primer on the basics of the Christian faith. What is the Trinity? What are Angels and Demons? Who is Christ? What is election? What is atonement? What will happen when Christ returns? What is heaven? The answers to these and the thirteen other questions form the heart of our faith. They are positions from which we are immovable as Christian men. We need to be reminded of these things, and we need to be able to articulate this truth to our culture.

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Textbook and Resources:

Primary Textbook

Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem.
(Copies will be available for sale the first night of class. $12.00)

Resource Text

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem.
(Purchase at or wherever you buy books.)

Topics, Notes and Audio

January 6, 2014 What Is the Bible? NOTES AUDIO
January 13, 2014 What Is God Like? NOTES AUDIO
January 20, 2014 What Is the Trinity? NOTES AUDIO
January 27, 2014 What Is Creation? NOTES AUDIO
February 3, 2014 What Is Prayer? (Video lecture by Wayne Grudem) NOTES
February 10, 2014 What Are Angels, Satan, and Demons? NOTES AUDIO
February 17, 2014 What Is Man? (Taught by Mike Egerdahl) NOTES AUDIO
February 24, 2014 What Is Sin? NOTES AUDIO
March 10, 2014 Who Is Christ? NOTES AUDIO
March 17, 2014 What Is the Atonement? NOTES AUDIO
March 24, 2014 What Is the Resurrection? NOTES AUDIO
March 31, 2014 What Does It Mean to Become a Christian?
April 7, 2014 What Is Election? NOTES AUDIO
April 14, 2014 What Are Justification, Adoption, Sanctification and Perseverance? NOTES AUDIO
April 21, 2014 What Is Death? NOTES
April 28, 2014 What Is the Church? NOTES AUDIO
May 5, 2014 What Will Happen When Christ Returns? NOTES
May 12, 2014 What Is the Final Judgment? NOTES AUDIO
May 19, 2014 What Is Heaven? NOTES AUDIO