Thirteen Things Every Man Must Know…

… And Wishes His Father Had Told Him.

This series was taught from September – December, 2012. The study notes and audio files are below. 

13_postWhat does authentic, biblical manhood look like? Join us for a 13 week study as we explore topics like grace, relationships, confidence, work and integrity. Sure, these are lessons that fathers will want to convey to their sons. But this is not a series on parenting. This is a series for every man who wants to follow the Lord with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. These are issues that each man needs to hear, and that every man of God wishes he would have learned sooner.

Please join us as we look at 13 interesting, helpful, mature reflections on what it means to be a man, to be a husband, to be a father. These are the little pearls of wisdom that too few men bequeath to their sons but that every man must grasp. This is manhood at its best – grounded in the gospel and reflecting Jesus Christ.

Course Outline / Study Guides / Audio Files

1. Grace: Never move beyond the gospel.  AUDIO / NOTES
September 10, 2012
2. Masculinity: Manhood is knowing where the plunger is.  AUDIO / NOTES
September 17, 2012
3. Affection: “I love you.”  AUDIO / NOTES
September 24, 2012
4. Ambition: Never choose to not succeed.  AUDIO / NOTES
October 1, 2012
5. Sincerity: The “why” matters the most.  AUDIO / NOTES
October 8, 2012
6. Accountability: You are not your own best counselor.  AUDIO / NOTES
October 15, 2012
7. Confidence: Be comfortable in your own skin.  AUDIO / NOTES
October 22, 2012
8. Wives: Don’t live in fear of your wife; lead her.  AUDIO / NOTES
October 29, 2012
9. Sin: Die to self.  AUDIO / NOTES
November 5, 2012
10. Humility: Down is up.  NOTES
November 12, 2012
11. Eternity: Live urgently.  AUDIO / NOTES
November 19, 2012
12. Excellence: If you lower the standards, you can reach them every time.  AUDIO / NOTES
November 26, 2012
13. Work: It’s a means and not an end.  AUDIO / NOTES
December 10, 2012

Join us in the Student Center of Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC