LifeSpring Class Information

LifeSpring Class Statement of Faith

As a Colonial Baptist Church Adult Bible Fellowship, the LifeSpring Statement of Faith is consistent with the published doctrinal statement of Colonial Baptist Church (CBC). The teaching curriculum and content of LifeSpring will hold to and be consistent with the CBC doctrinal statement.

As a core doctrine, we believe that salvation is by faith alone, through grace alone, by Christ alone. Our redemptive hope is assured through the death of Jesus Christ and His literal resurrection, and the indwelling and enablement of the Holy Spirit to live according to His word and to seek to be conformed to His image.

Our hope is that all in LifeSpring have the assurance of salvation. If you don’t have that assurance, please ask someone in the class to direct you to a person who can explain to you the biblical basis of salvation.

Class Description

LifeSpring is generally a class for empty nesters age 55 or over. It is a diverse group of married couples and single adults who may be retired or employed full or part time. Academically, the teaching content is purposed for the mature believer that is designed to encourage class participants to develop and maintain a deeper study of scripture. The lecture and discussion are designed to stimulate critical thinking. The emphasis is on the exposition of scripture and its application to daily living. There may be occasions where topical subjects are covered that address scriptural principles. The Bible, God’s Holy Word and revelation to man, is central to class teaching.

LifeSpring is noted for caring for one another and has become a model at CBC for such a ministry. Prayer for one another is a priority, and support through meals and other helps is the norm in case of hospitalizations or other needs.

Class Organization

LifeSpring has a teacher and a class leader. The teacher provides the teaching portion of the class and the class leader moderates the opening session as well as serves as the class liaison to the Adult Bible Fellowship pastor at CBC. There are three designated advisors to the teacher and class leader. These volunteer leaders develop guidelines and policies for the overall management of the class and its activities. They also consult on subjects to be taught, the selection of substitute teachers, and, when necessary, the selection of the primary teacher.

LifeSpring also has leadership positions of care coordinator, communications coordinator, missions liaison, social coordinator,  greeters coordinator, and snacks coordinator.

Class Membership

Those new to LifeSpring should take the time over several Sundays to get a feel for who we are and how we function before making a commitment to be a member of the LifeSpring family. When that decision is made, a form with the name, address, telephone number, and email address will be submitted to CBC and the new member will be added to the class roster.

Class members are expected to be faithful in attendance and participate in activities associated with the class as they are able. It is the responsibility of each member to take the initiative and reach out to visitors to make them feel welcome and introduce them to the class.

Serving in a CBC church or affiliated ministry is strongly encouraged for all members of LifeSpring . We encourage participation in a Ladies Bible Study or Men’s Bible Study, as appropriate, as these are opportunities to get to know people outside of LifeSpring. Additionally, LifeSpring has activities to enable members to get to know one another in a setting outside of the class environment. Specifically, there are regularly scheduled socials, Breakfast at Barry’s (BABS) for the men meeting every Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. at Barry’s Café, Ladies Birthday Lunch monthly, Ladies Book Club monthly, and CBC Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies.

Class Communications

Class Roster and Email Communications

The primary means of communications to class members is through email. The official LifeSpring email listing and distribution is maintained by the communications coordinator, so it is very important that email addresses be accurate so that those in the class do not miss out on any messages. Distribution of all official LifeSpring email communications will be made by the communications coordinator and will consist, in part, of prayer requests and class announcements and signup lists. Any other content for distribution to the entire class must be approved by the communications coordinator in consultation with the class leader on a case by case basis.

There are a number of sub-groups within the class that have email listings for distribution of information relative to group activities. Examples include those serving in the LifeSpring Care Ministry or the Breakfast at Barry’s (BABS) for the men in the class.

For security purposes, we request that any replies use the blind copy option so that the distribution list is not visible in the header of the email. See the communications coordinator for guidance on how to do this.

Unofficial distribution of emails using the class roster is optional for those who have need to do so. These may include topics or activities of limited interest which are not considered as official LifeSpring Class business.

Communications of Concerns/Issues Concerning LifeSpring

Should there be any issues regarding the administration of the class, teaching content, or any issue of a personal nature, please feel free to contact the teacher if it is a theological question, class leader, or any designated advisor. Our desire is to resolve issues at the lowest level.

Prayer Requests

We encourage those who have prayer requests to write them on the board before the start of LifeSpring. A designated member will copy the requests and distribute them to LifeSpring by email. Any request may be submitted during the week to the communications coordinator or designated representative for distribution to LifeSpring. Volunteers will be solicited periodically to copy the prayer requests, compose them in an email message, and send them to the communications coordinator.

Class Opening, Announcements, Prayer

  • 10:40-11:00 AM      20 min.  Fellowship and snacks/Prayer requests on the board
  • 11:00-11:03 AM        3 min.  Welcome Visitors
  • 11:03-11:08 AM        5 min.  Announcements
  • 11:08-11:10 AM        2 min.  Opening Prayer
  • 11:10-12:00 Noon   50 min.  Lesson

We ask all members and attendees to please take their seats at 11:00 a.m. The class leader, or his designated representative, will moderate the opening of the class in order to begin the teaching time at 11:10 a.m. Announcements should be kept short, and should be made only about matters that pertain to LifeSpring and CBC. To assure appropriate content, all announcements should be cleared by the class leader or his substitute before being made. There is nothing that precludes someone from sending e-mail messages to other individuals. Any announcements will be followed by an opening prayer.

Class Care Ministry

The objective of LifeSpring Care Ministries is to minister to members and attendees in a loving, caring and equitable manner. The purpose is to share God’s grace and the love of Christ by meeting needs, assisting through life’s difficult circumstances, sharing in the good times, and letting members and attendees know that we care for them.

The Care Ministry has a care coordinator who oversees all aspects of the LifeSpring Care Ministry, a card coordinator who arranges for care cards to be sent to affected members and attendees, a flowers/gift coordinator, a gift fund treasurer, a hospital/home visits coordinator, a meals coordinator, and a birthday lunch coordinator.

If a need or circumstance that warrants a ministry response, do not hesitate to contact the care coordinator and make that need known. Caring for one another is what we do BEST.