Logistics – “The Chair-Men”

The “Chair-Men” serve the Adult Bible Fellowships by setting up the rooms prior to the Sunday morning services. The condition of a room makes an impression on those who enter, and the Chair-Men are committed to having that impression be excellent.


  • Service – On your assigned week, usually once per month, you’ll set up each of the Adult Bible Fellowship classrooms.
  • Cleanliness – You’ll tidy up the adult classrooms and hallways, gather and remove the lost-and-found and make sure the adult spaces are neat and orderly.
  • Timing – On your assigned week, you’ll come in on Saturday late afternoon / evening or early Sunday morning.

Gifts / Skills / Abilities:

  • Faithfulness to serve independently
  • An eye for detail
  • Willing to serve in an area that will be publicly unnoticed

Yes, I’m interested in helping with logistics! Please contact me.

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